About Manish Kumar Barui

About me

Mr. Manish Kumar Barui is a leading prestigious career counselor since 2012, He has imparted  lectures in foreign universities, colleges and a wide range of experience in career counseling as a smart facilitator that value his domain subject of facilitation on economics, accounting, finance, business studies, organizational behaviors, soft skills, IELTS & PTE, speech enhancement, business communication skills and motivational speech.
He is a recognized and certified trainer from New Zealand, Australia, and India. The prominent intention of him; imparting specific education is to serve the society with the right information delivery in shaping career and future prospects of learners from across the globe.

Training program:

Finance and accounts, Economics, IELTS, PTE, Business English, Voice and accent Training, Pre Placement training, OB, Interview Training, Soft Skills, International Motivational Seminar, international Career Counseling.


10 years of experience in finance and accounting, 3 years of experience as a lecturer in NZ Colleges and Universities, 5 years of experience in IELTS, PTE training from international level, 6 years of business developmental experience alongside consultancy services in the field of education and career. 5 years of experiences in international placement training and recruitment.


1.GOLD Medalist in Academic excellence, PGDPE, from IIPM, Kolkata.
2.11 academic scholastic awards during PGDPE, from IIPM, Kolkata
3.Obtained PGDBA from Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand,
4.MBA in finance from Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand.
5.Continuing PhD in Economics from The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Fields of expertise and interest :

1.Youth power of participation
2.Business Finance
3.Accounts , Economic and Marketing
4.Motivation session facilities
5.Arts and culture
6.Business English Communication
7.International Seminar Speech
8.Soft Skills Development
9.Business Behavioral Sciences
10.Corporate Communication Training
11.International Career Counseling

Training facilitation Methodology:

All training contents are well organized according to the market response and customized every step of development. There are specific training evaluation and analysis conducted per and post training to meet up the outcome based training advancement. There are physical and virtual with flip mode training management facilitated with need based contents as per the requirement of the training analysis report for better results in the growth of learning goals.