A renowned Businessmen & Founder of 8 Companies & 3 Charitable Trusts


Experience of More than 15+ Years in Business Consulting & Management.


Ph.d Holder, Man of People and an Amazing Economist as well.


Numerous License & Certification Holder and a Philanthropist by heart.

Man on a Mission


Manish Kumar Barui is an exceptional individual who has achieved remarkable success in various professional domains. As the Founder, Director, and CEO of nine private limited companies, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess and ability to navigate complex business landscapes. Through his visionary leadership, these companies have flourished and made significant contributions to their respective industries.

In addition to his corporate ventures, Manish Kumar Barui is also deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors. As the Founder, Director, and Trustee of two foundations and one charitable trust, he has dedicated his resources and efforts towards creating a positive impact on society. His unwavering dedication to the welfare of others has earned him the admiration and respect of his peers.

Our Story

Timeline Based Highlights

First Step Towards Success​

Determined to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy, Manish became the first person in his family to clear the 10th board exam with a first division

Studied Harder than ever

Despite financial and health setbacks, Manish persevered. He completed his 12th-grade exam in 1999 with a first division


One of his relatives encouraged him to study abroad and suggested that he would arrange a loan from the bank to support his studies. Unfortunately, his relative who was supposed to help him with the loan cheated and betrayed him, leaving Manish in a difficult situation. This betrayal cost him two years 2003-2004

The Real Struggle Begins

Due to financial constraints and health issues, causing him to drop out during his second year. Undeterred, Manish found employment as an assistant accountant and dedicated himself to his job. For seven years, he put his education on hold but eventually decided to resume his studies.

Life Full of Challenges

Despite facing several rejections, Manish found a lifeline through distance education, and he reluctantly pursued a Bachelor's degree in Arts he took on a job at an international call centre for a year, but deep down, he knew that he wanted something more.

A Ray of Hope

Despite facing several rejections, Manish found a lifeline through distance education, and he reluctantly pursued a Bachelor's degree in Arts he took on a job at an international call centre for a year, but deep down, he knew that he wanted something more.

Gold Medalist

Despite facing several rejections, Manish found a lifeline through distance education, and he reluctantly pursued a Bachelor's degree in Arts he took on a job at an international call centre for a year, but deep down, he knew that he wanted something more.

Urge to Study Abroad

It took Manish six months of persistence, approaching different moneylenders in India, to secure a loan of Rs 25 lakh. With this loan, he travelled to New Zealand to pursue an MBA in Finance.

Odd Jobs in New Zealand

The real struggle began as Manish found himself burdened with paying an interest amount of 55,000 rupees per month to various money lenders. Despite the restrictions allowing only 20 hours of work per week, he dedicated himself to studying and worked 35-40 hours per week, often accepting cash-paying jobs to support themselves financially.


Manish's perseverance paid off when he successfully completed his studies, earning distinctions in both PGDBA and MBA degree in New Zealand. During his time there, he worked odd jobs at liquor shops, convenience stores, events, and in security company to make both ends meet. In 2015, he secured a job as a business lecturer in a college, allowing him to begin repaying his loans.

An Emotional Turn

he had always yearned to contribute something meaningful to his own country and to take care of his parents as he is the only son. so, in 2018, he decided to return to India while his wife chose to stay back. Their paths diverged, leading to separation and eventually divorce in 2019.

Success is Here

Upon returning to India, Manish started his own business. Also, In 2019, Manish fulfilled a long-cherished wish, gifting his mother the jewellery she had sold for his education. He also repaid all his debts, purchased a two-bedroom flat for his parents in kolkata, and embarked on a new endeavour-an ambitious journey towards a Ph.D. in management, specializing in macroeconomics from Malaysia. His passion and talent were recognized, earning him a scholarship at a prestigious university in Malaysia in 2021.

Covid 19

In 2022, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing disruptions in various industries, Manish decided not to rely solely on one or two businesses. Instead, he incorporated ten companies simultaneously. One foundation / NGO was dedicated to his mother, honouring her unwavering support, while another was established in reverence to Lord Shiva, who had guided him throughout his struggles.


Educational Qualification

(Gold Medallist , Fin & Marketing, India),

Marketing, New Zealand

Marketing, New Zealand

Macroeconomics, Malaysia

About Us

Mr. Manish Kumar Barui is on a Mission.

Mission to eradicate Poverty & Illiteracy through his Charitable Trusts & Give Employment & Nation Building through his Companies. Being highly qualified Mr. Manish holds several prestigious certifications which includes a Global Career Counselor Certification from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, which showcases his expertise in guiding individuals towards successful career paths.

Mr. Manish is highly concerned towards the growth and development of nation's Youth and Providing High value Business Services to his clients in more than 8 Different Industries.

Contact Title
A visionary entrepreneur shaping the nation's future with his 9 thriving businesses, one brick at a time.
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From empowering communities to fostering innovation
Contact Title
Manish Kumar Barui: A true catalyst for change, using his entrepreneurial prowess to build a stronger nation through his diverse portfolio

A Visionary Leader Driving Success Across Multiple Industries

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Manish Kumar Barui has received numerous accolades and awards throughout his career.

Business Planning

Financial Advices

Investment Strategy

Business Security


Clients Experiences

I have had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Manish Kumar Barui, and I can confidently say that he is a force to be reckoned with. His strategic acumen and passion for excellence have propelled his eight businesses to unprecedented heights. Manish’s unwavering commitment to philanthropy and his ability to create positive change in the community make him a true inspiration. It is an honor to witness his incredible journey of success and nation-building

Preet Chaplot
Marketing Manager

Mr. Manish Kumar Barui is an exceptional leader who embodies the perfect blend of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. His dedication is matched only by his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society. Manish’s visionary mindset and ability to seize opportunities have transformed his ventures into industry leaders. It is truly inspiring to witness his passion for nation-building and his relentless pursuit of excellence

Yash Jain
Chartered Accountant

Working with Mr. Manish Kumar Barui has been an incredible experience. His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his ability to nurture talent and foster innovation, has propelled his eight businesses to great success. Manish’s strategic thinking, adaptability, and resilience make him a true leader in his field. Beyond his professional achievements, his dedication to philanthropy sets him apart, making him an exemplary role model for aspiring entrepreneurs

Mina Mondal
Sales Manager

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